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What is SpiderBean Profile?

Translating your skills and experience into more than text on a paper is crucial in today's competitive workforce. Students say things like, "I have nothing to put on my resume," or "I don't know what to put on a LinkedIn profile," even though they have been using their time and energy in all kinds of ways that could be meaningfully translated to employers.

Many Students just don't know how to translate their skills into the kind of "proof" that hiring managers recognize. A lot of people are doing a lot of things -- on campus and off, but they struggle to make it meaningful on a resume.

By creating a SpiderBean portfolio of works, students give others a sense of who they are, what they're passionate about, and what they're like to work with.

What is Student Profile Score (SPS) ?

Student Profile Score will tell the strength of the Profile or Strength of the resume to the employers.

How SPS calculate the Score?

Algorithm of calculating score works on the following criteria, every field has certain weigthage in calculating the cumulative score

  1. Your Academics (High School, Intermediate and your higher Degree)
  2. Certification (what type of certification you have done)
  3. Experience (It counts your internship or voluntership experience )
  4. Achievements & Awards (Any achievement you got in your academic career)
  5. Work Related to skill (It is important to publish your work related to your skill set )
Why SPS is important?

Today, more and more companies are using innovative and active recruiting techniques. This means that rather than posting a job and waiting for applicants to find them, thousands of employers are searching the internet for top talent…every day!

"This is really important, especially in this tough economy, because fresher's don't have a lot of job experience. But many have done amazing work as a student."

This Students Profile score tells them the strength of you resume and save their shortlisting time.

How can I increase my Student Profile score?

It is true that we cannot change our past academics, but we can work out on other parameters which build our resume/profile strength.

Does SpiderBean share student profile score with the employers?

Yes we do share your SPS score and public profile to the employers.

What happen if I do not complete my profile?

Your SPS score will be low and you will get minimal interaction with employers through your SpiderBean profile.

How are we different?

We are Bridging the GAP between College Students and LinkedIn.

"A resume tells them what you've done; an Spiderbean profile shows what you've done. It's an ideal format for students to select, collect, and reflect upon their experience and educational skills, and to demonstrate those in very meaningful ways."