College Login

A simple and compact Android app that logs you in to web login of your college wifi network,update you with your attendance,daily notices that really matters to you.You don't have to log in every time again by opening web browser and enter username and passwords.

College login's will take care of auto login when you are connected to your college network and instant login.You can also setup auto login intervals or can disable auto login when connected to abesec network.

You only have to enter the credential one time,and every time you switch on wifi and connect to abesec network,you will be auto logged in..Stay updated with on the go notices in college login.You will receive notifications for the information that really matters for you.

Just switch on your wifi and you are logged in...!

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College login is an android application to view notices,attendance and proxy login for abes engineering college.


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Right from the ui designing to the android application development.

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